Pella Dollars for Scholars is part of a nationwide network of over 500 community-based scholarship foundations. These local, volunteer driven affiliates of Scholarship America serve students and their parents in thousands of communities across the country. Scholarship America is the nation's largest non-profit private-sector scholarship and educational assistance organization.
Pella Dollars for Scholars is excited to announce that, through a generous grant, Scholarship America is taking its Dollars for Scholars chapters ON-LINE!  This new web portal will allow you to complete your student profile/application on-line and apply for local and national scholarships in one easy on-line application. 
Additionally, our reporting feature allows you to gather valuable information and assemble it in an organized design to ease the application process for other scholarships not administered by Scholarship America.  This application process should be one of your first steps in preparing for financial aid for your post-secondary education.  It is an exciting and bold leap forward.  This will be our fourth year in an on-line interactive experience.  Please let us know what your experience is with our new web site and application process. 
Please take a few moments to browse our website. Pay particular attention to our "Students & Parents" page, where you can set up your personal account and register for information about scholarships for which you may be eligible. The student profile you establish will be continually evaluated and updated for both local and national scholarships. You must click the apply button for each scholarship for which you may qualify to be considered.
Check and update your profile often and apply for additional scholarships as they become available.
On behalf of Pella Dollars for Scholars, and the Pella Community at large, we wish you every success in your post-secondary education!
Pella Dollars for Scholars