The Collegiate Partners program involves more than 350 colleges, universities, and technical schools nationwide. The intent of this program is to help maximize the impact of financial aid from Pella Dollars for Scholars. Many of our Collegiate Partners even have matching fund agreements, and all are committed to helping students get the most out of their Dollars for Scholars scholarship. For more information on Collegiate Partners please email



If you plan to attend one of the schools that may match your Dollars for Scholars scholarship: 

  • The Pella Dollars for Scholars chapter will apply for matching funds, on your behalf, automatically.
  • Check with your college's financial aid office to assure your award was matched.
  • Notify Pella Dollars for Scholars if your award was not matched for any reason.
  • Matching colleges follow Federal guidelines regarding FAFSA contribution limits.
  • Matching colleges only pay for the un-met portion of student financial need.