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Step 1 - Create an Account 

Students MUST use a permanent email address, not their school email address, when registering on this site.

If you have already started a profile using your school email, just edit your email address on the basic information section of your profile.  Remember to use your new email address the next time you log-in.  We need a permanent email address to maintain contact with you after your high school graduation. 


Step 2 - Build your profile.  You will complete information in the following areas: 

  • Basic and Additional Information
  • School Information
  • Academic Information
  • Activities, Employment, and Awards
  • Family Financial Information
  • Support Material

Detailed student instructions can be accessed by clicking the link below:

C3_Comp Profiles_Present_Completing the Student Profile PDF-4.pdf.  



This website can act as a "portal" to gain access to information about scholarships available through Fastweb and those managed by Scholarship America. Links to information about these scholarships are posted periodically. We encourage you to check on these opportunities frequently! 

Complete your profile accurately and thoroughly; scoring for Dollars for Scholars scholarships will be based on the information you provide. To increase your chances for a Fastweb scholarship match, you should complete the entire profile.

Carefully review your profile before submitting for a scholarship. Once you apply for a scholarship, you cannot modify your profile for that scholarship.


A Special Note on Honors Scholarships 

Each year, there are multiple Honors Scholarships available. Every student applicant should apply for an Honors Scholarship. Completion of all Pella DFS requirements, including meeting the application deadline, will match student applicants with the Honors Scholarship. Please be sure to click the "Submit App" button for the Honors Scholarship.


Click the "Submit App" Button 

Every scholarship requires that students click the "submit app" button in order to formally apply for the scholarships to which they are matched.  Failure to click the "submit app" button for any scholarship will disqualify student applicants from eligibility for that scholarship. Remember to click the "Submit App" button for each scholarship to which you are matched!


Guidance for Essay Questions 

Goals and Aspirations essay question:  State your future goals as to your education and future career and describe your plan to accomplish these goals.  Explain what circumstances have affected your decision to pursue further education in your chosen major and how you have prepared for these studies.  Describe how you plan to fund your college education.   (100 - 250 words)

Unusual Circumstances essay question:   Detail any personal circumstances that make achieving your future goals more challenging. Such circumstances may include recent personal tragedies, illness, disabilities, divorce or family issues, financial need, parental unemployment, additional family members currently attending college or large number of siblings, or any other circumstances you wish us to consider. (100 - 250 words)

It is recommended that you do not cut and paste the content of your essay responses from one essay to another.

  • Each essay should be original in content.
  • Please note that some scholarships may have additional essay requirements. 


Parental Consent is Required 

A parent will need a different email address than their child's to log into the student's profile to give consent and financial information. Providing financial information may increase your matches for needs based scholarships. Your parent is the only person who can see the details of this information.  An "Estimated Family Contribution" amount, similar to a FAFSA calculation, will be shown on the profile that is visible to scholarship sponsors and local Dollars for Scholars Board members.


Your Guidance Counselor's Email Address 

Students, you may contact your guidance counselor NOW to request transcripts, using the appropriate email address below.  Your counselor will submit your transcript once first semester grades are released.
  • For Pella High School students, your counselor is Ms. Van Zante. Her email address is
  • For Pella Christian High School students, your counselor is Ms. Wang. Her email address is
When entering email addresses, please double check your entry to make sure that it exactly matches the addresses shown here.


Students and Parents: Click below to log into the ChapterNet Student Dashboard